Stone Walls

“Heritage Stonemasons – continuing the strong tradition of stone wall construction in Ireland”

Stone Walls are an attractive feature in any garden and can instantly add value to your property. They have experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent times due to their durability and aesthetic quality. A stone wall will look infinitely better than a concrete wall as it will blend into its surroundings, and look as if it has always been there. Heritage Stonemasons can build a stone wall from scratch, either a dry stone wall or a mortared stone wall, or we can put stone cladding on an existing wall. We are happy to build any of your stone wall designs or we can design a wall for you.

Dry stone walls use irregularly shaped stones carefully selected and placed so that they fit closely together without slipping. These stone walls are typically wider at the base and taper in as height increases. The weight of the stone pushes inwards to support the wall, and any settling or disturbance makes the structure lock together and become even stronger.

Mortared stone walls use stones laid in rows of even or uneven height, called courses, and are fixed in place with mortar, cement or a lime mixture between the stones.

You can build boundary stone walls surrounding your property, incorporating a matching stone entrance or stone walls within your garden such as retaining walls or stone walls enclosing flower beds. Speak to Heritage Stonemasons and they can discuss stone wall designs with you.

Below is a selection of stone walls we have built.